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Apr 28

Your Personal Development Journey is Your Leadership Journey

April 28, 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

YES Group Wed. April 28th

Your personal development journey is your leadership journey

The Pandemic is a catalyst for change… What sort of a catalyst is it going to be for you?

Are you ready to take an opportunity, no matter how challenging it may be? Do you have the support systems you need in place yet? What character traits are you counting on? We have all shown resilience and patience this past year. What next?

Are you entering a new career or starting a new business? Forming a new relationship? Are you looking for the energy and motivation to step up? Then make sure you show up this coming Wednesday!

On Wednesday the 28th April at 7:30 PM at our Last Wednesday of the Month event, our very own YES Group Founder, Karl Pearsall will be showing us how to develop our own personal journey into our leadership journey.  During the session, Karl will support us in becoming the best version of ourselves, in turn becoming a role model and true authentic leader for others.

Karl PearsallIf you have been feeling in the doldrums and had swinging emotions, you’re not alone.  Let’s face it, it’s been a very tough year!

Through these testing times come opportunities to grow and to be the best authentic version of who you truly are.

The situation is clear in April 2021 most of us are reentering a changed uncertain world: We have to dig deep and apply what we know in every way to make the next stage of our journey a success.

Embracing the reality of our lives gives us power

Personal power in terms of our ability to act and succeed has never been more important. But what does that mean to you? How are you going to get the best performance from yourself, whilst valuing self-care and having a fulfilling life?

Staying optimistic is critical at this time as it is always but even more now.

In this presentation and mini-workshop, Karl will invite you to be more willing to flex your leadership muscles by saying YES to your leadership opportunities. Karl admits that many times he has caught himself being a reluctant leader – he will share how he fixed this. Discover a greater sense of what leadership means for you and clarify how you are already acting as a leader.

“When you are the best version of yourself you are a role model to others and therefore a leader”


About Karl Pearsall

Karl Pearsall, our founder, last spoke live at YES Group London in September 2018. Prior to that, it was 10 long years ago that he last stepped up to the stage to deliver what is today known as a YESx presentation.

Karl admits to prefer being at the back of the room, other than for occasional MC duties and announcements – all in the name of growth and contribution.

His message then which still holds true today, is that all of us are our own leaders.

We must find the confidence to express our unique authentic style and grow the mental muscle through effort and receiving feedback.

During his talks, Karl reveals that his own personal development journey became his leadership journey.  

Having maintained the leadership transition from one generation to another at both YES Group London and the Basket Brigade over decades, Karl has had the opportunity to learn from many brilliant leaders and teams.

Karl discovered personal development after a highly successful business failure. He ultimately burnt himself out through his twenties and while he did not know it at the time, it was through that process he found that he was leading and creating a community and a movement.  The lessons he learned during that time were some of the greatest and are still unsurpassed today.

Karl Pearsall remains passionate about sharing his methods for success, what he has learned through the years, and importantly developing a community, helping others to grow too.  Having helped others to achieve success for nearly 3 decades, Karl has hosted and platformed the who’s who of personal development as the YES Group founder.

“When you step up to be more you will find a greater ability to have the pleasure and privilege of making a greater difference”


April 28, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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