Super Achiever Membership

The current YES Group leadership to include Karl Pearsall, and the regional local leaders want to provide greater support in addition to what we already deliver these are the extras listed below.

Many of our members have been asking for more, more support, more accountability, focus & trusted next steps. As we continue to build our online platform and digital vault, we are also creating more events. These events include YESx ( for those who want to see their leadership develop on a stage), As well as GoalsettingYES (last 2 years filmed are in the members vault) to kick-start your year focused with positive energy, and the development of our Deep Dive Days to include NLP This is where we extend a presentation on Wednesday night to a full day. These and much more are included in SAM.

First class facilitation from Karl and the other YES Group leaders.

You will benefit from a regular Masterminding™ Team

INCLUDED in the YES Group SAM:

  • Annual Review: We start with a facilitated session with Karl Pearsall. Your opportunity to measure where you are now & where you want to be a year from now. What is your focus for the year ahead?
  • Karl Pearsall co authored the book 'The Power of Masterminding™' 10 years ago this is a collaboration strategy for accountability and focus. You will be part of a team that meets online once a month, and quarterly in person. 
  • Everything is included with priority access wherever possible to include your YESx opportunity. 
  • Meet the speaker, there will be occasional opportunities to have dinner with the speaker before the event. 
  • Genuine significant discounts through our network for your personal development which in itself can save you the cost of YES Group membership!
  • Direct Access to YES Group leadership for ongoing support.
  • Online membership resources and vault
  • Social events
  • 11 evening main monthly meetings
  • Basket Brigade, contribution and leadership opportunities if you wish
  • Limited amount of guest passes for some evenings
  • Joining gifts to include journal, badge and pen.
  • End of year review
  • A physical copy of 'The Power of Masterminding' book. £9.95
  • Goal Mapping: Silver online membership Brian Mayne worth £25

Testimonial Brandon Block

Karl was my first promoter as a DJ so it was great to be able to start a new journey with him after 25 years. I met up with Karl again after the Tony Robbins UPW event to ask if he would coach me because I wanted support to stay focused and integrate what I had learnt. I could not believe he has been involved all that time. It's been an incredible year. I have gained momentum and maintained energy with a strong new daily regime. Most days I'm at the gym and I've lost weight. I've had a busier year with global DJ work, added a radio show, a residency at my own night in Es Paradis in Ibiza this summer and I'm also launching my own festival Strawberry Woods! I'm excited about my new platform for sharing how to live a happier life! ‘Happy Days’ it is based on what I have learnt in personal development and all the work I’ve done in the mental-health & recovery space. I’ve now added to my repertoire speaking on stage talking about how we can be happier every day. Watch this space people!It's amazing that after being a top promoter at the beginning of the rave scene Karl has been promoting personal development educators on stage for 25 years instead of us DJ's! If you are looking for a guide, coach or to breakthrough as a speaker he is someone who will always add massive value. Thanks Karl looking forward to collaborating in the future. Brandon Block

The YES Group Super Achiever MEMBERSHIP is for people who want more than an event and a community. For those that really want to intensify their personal development over the next 12 months and ongoing for faster results.

Super Achiever Membership

Introductory price

Only £497 / Year

Annual recurring payment

All the above benefits plus our online as below!

  • Access to live events (Any local YES Group)
  • Videos, interviews, London speakers, & YESx.
  • Forum
  • Membership online community connections
  • Online access to content vault and training
  • Access to all online special events

YES! I'm a Super Achiever

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