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Join our community today for Mental Well-Being and Personal Leadership growth. We meet in many cities when possible and have been running outdoor live events this summer 2021. 

Weekly we have zoom workshops facilitated by the community. We invite external speakers. We have socials and other trainings throughout the year!

Additionally you can enjoy many years of high quality professionally video edited 'in room' recordings with world class speakers.

Search and watch our 'lockdown specials' with super relevant content in the members area. 

Improve your mental well-being and grow your Leadership with us!

Join today and attend Members Connect this Monday! (we revert to Autumn Winter schedule Sundays at 7 PM from October 2021). 

YES Group is your proven Peer-2-Peer network for growth and success since 1993!

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We will inform you of our PUBLIC events and share some members content with you. We often host introductory value added workshops. Currently the series is on topic of REINVENTION

We ramped up support to meet

the challenge of our times! 

Working to support you online and soon we can get back to live events

Trust us to show you the best leaders in personal development since 1993
and support you to build a stronger 21st Century MINDSET 

YES Group, a local and international community.

Today the very best Mental Well-being and Personal Leadership resource.

Est. 1993 we have learnt a lot about creating value for our members.

Join us to connect with like-minded people at a local and international networking level. We bring you world class trainers and facilitators.  We have hosted the very best at our live events and continue to bring them to you exclusively as a member.

There have been YES Group's  in Australia, Africa, Europe and America. 

We have hosted live in our 'physical room' Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken soup for the soul), John Grindler, (NLP Founder) , Dr. John Demartini, Joe Dispenza, Bob Procter (The Secret), as well as a host of Tony Robbins trainers to include Joseph McClendon lll  .

More than 250 LIVE in the room events in London alone, 1000's overall, hosting a who's who of  magnificent mindsets!

 We live by the principles of personal development and we know more than most about personal change and how to deliver it.

Online Community Resource

Online Members area with recordings of our best events, Peer-2-Peer profile connections and community activities. 

What You Get Access To As A Member

The YES Group Membership is Your Essential Resource For Mindset, Personal Development, Advice Support and the Community that you need for Personal Leadership and Growth  

100's hours recorded workshops and presentations

Access speaker videos 24/7


Content and interviews with experts 


Access to live events on zoom and in the room when permitted. 


Connect with community members to Exchange sessions, form friendships and be more accountable through Masterminding® and other frameworks.

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We bring you in-depth, practical resources on all areas of personal development and leadership. Grow and expand your mind with like minded people. 

Testimonials about the live and zoom events

I am proud to be part of this YES group. At first, I felt quite intimidated as it is a close group and in a different way of meeting up, on zoom.  However, I was able to relax because everyone is so very kind, caring and show love and support.  I look forward to every week and always come away with new tricks to use in my way of being in the world. Thank you Karl Pearsall for your encouragement and for developing a platform for us to feel connected in this climate we are in. Love to all 💕 - Amanda Berry

"It's the perfect name for the group. I'm totally in the energy of YES! today, in one word it was nourishing - I haven't ever been to a 6.30-11 event without getting starving hungry and irritable - I didn't even need a snack when I got home. That's how amazing it was!"

"Wonderful Inspirational Evening - Thank you to Hari Kalymnios & the #YESGroupTeam & #LeonTaylor!! :-) Amazing !! " - Jill Swyers

About the leadership

"The YES Group is such an empowering place, when I was in London I loved a) catching up with Peer group and b) being inspired."

"Loving so many moments of my life and a lot of that is because of YES Group so to massive thanks you!!!! In all of your contribution thanks again see you soon :-) "

Jayes Vora

About the speakers

So many presenters and speakers are sharing what a fabulous audience YES Group are if you are one please get in touch

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We have a plan for the times we live in other than all the content in the vault, and our many events via zoom currently we want to help you find people who live near you that as things open up you can meet either inside or outside. We call them Pods. 

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  • Weekly facilitated workshop  - Members Connect.
  • Access all YES Group's online or physically in the UK at no cost.
  • Premium all day events Deep Dive Day, YESx and GoalsettingYES we charge for in the room normally £97 members £25 Whilst online they are free to members.
  • Access online 100's of hours of professionally recorded in the room content plus dozens of special sessions recorded on Zoom
  • Private members Facebook Group 
  • Opportunities to be coached to deliver content as facilitator 
  • Leadership opportunities 
  • Meet the Speaker (when we are back in the room)
  • Opportunity to enter YESx  (when we are back in the room)
  • Post to let 1000's of people know what you do in the public YES Group Facebook group 
  • Get involved exchanging your knowledge and talent for others as part of our Members Exchange program
  • Find others interested in exchanging knowledge and learning on any PD subject in pop ups
  • We have new services coming online this Autumn to include pop up personal development and Masterminding®


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Will you be adding new content, or is everything there already?

Can I access the content released during my membership once I cancel?

Is the content available straight away or is it time-released (drip fed)?

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

What is Friendship Membership?

How are payments taken?

If there is anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear, any concerns or questions you may have please do contact us and we'll help you out. This community was built on peer to peer support.

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