I have a Buddy 🙂

My Buddy-UP Partner is

Scott Keyser



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Founder of YES Group sharing and learning for nearly 3 decades. I am passionate for YES Group to continue its mission. I am also a business owner in merchandising.

A bit about me

The vision evolves the mission remains of a a world where everyone has access to peer group that inspires they to grow and contribute

Personal development I'm interested in

All forms whatever works especially NLP and more recently Emotional Intelligence – what works for you?

Offering 1

General support coaching

Offering 2

Finding and connecting to your vision/ purpose / mission

Offering 3

Finding your authentic leadership

Offering 4

Reinvention – when breakthrough's are not enough. If you think you are in a rut. If life no longer excites etc.

Offering 5

Strategic plan for your work

Sessions and things I'd be interested in finding out more about

I interested in what has worked for you and where you have put a lot of time working towards your mastery

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