New Year New Approach – 7 Tips for Weathering the Turbulence and Staying Optimistic

YES Group has weathered a few storms since it was created, 25 years ago. Although this current pandemic situation is unlike anything we have seen in this lifetime, the same tools and resources that helped us through previous ‘storms’ can still be just as effective. We constantly must draw on our resilience, resources, and creativity to go through these tough times, and to get to the other side of it in good shape. I am confident that with the right tools, attitude, and activities we can get through this crisis together.

I have compiled 7 tips to help guide you through the year ahead.

Tip 1 – A Positive Mindset

Maintaining Optimism helps us to find opportunities! In turn, this supports the development of Mental Well-being which is all about feeling good through meeting our own needs and having a sense of control on our lives.

Maintaining a Positive Outlook in the face of adversity and negativity in 2021 will be vital. I was listening to Ant Middleton’s (former SAS soldier) audiobook and he believes that a positive mindset is exactly what gets us through the tough times along with a good dose of humour no matter how bad the situation is! How about you try bringing humour to the situation? This may be tough but again this is what breaks down the negativity and opens us up to receive these much-needed opportunities.

This brings me to positive expectations. “Don’t worry, be happy” is a simple mantra. Worry is just a prediction of a negative future and if you cannot change the situation then change the meaning by reframing it and focusing on the next win.

Naturally, positivity will be in shorter supply than usual, perhaps harder to see but the good news is that you can generate positivity for yourself and others, becoming a driving force for the people around you, and be more productive in your day-to-day life in the process.

Tip 2 – Look After Yourself and Create Healthy Habits

Bringing Energy to your situation will provide you with opportunities. Increasing your own Vitality is key. There is nothing more empowering than feeling healthy by walking, running, cycling, swimming, or even perhaps dancing while enjoying your favourite music. These types of activities will support you to fuel your personal energy and vitality with good habits.

Eat healthy food. Plan your food in advance and eat at regular times. Value and appreciate it, enjoy but don’t overindulge. I love coffee but I limit myself to the first one. I know that if I have only one, it is always the best. If I ever have a second it never tastes as good, so I always think to save it for the next time. Instead, I drink some water. Hydration is so important for mental agility. If you drink alcohol think of it in the same way as the coffee, not the water! It is when we practice simple things that they become habits and help us stay in our best shape to face challenges.

Tip 3 – Be Creative

Use your Creativity. It is something we all have and can develop. Whether it be art, movement, solving problems, designing something, learning a new skill, cooking, or making plans. Have a go at doing something that is not related to work, maybe something you loved doing as a kid. It doesn’t have to have an outcome, or be productive, just anything that gets you into flow. You will know this has happened when you look up and see that you have lost track of time.

Tip 4 – Continued Self Improvement

Work on becoming more Resilient… What does this mean? How can you use it? Resilience means being able to ‘bounce back’ quickly from setbacks or put simply, to be able to ‘shrug it off’. Of course, this is easier said than done and can take time to practice and build. By working on this skill, you will be able to recover more quickly, be more productive, gain greater focus which will help you perpetuate all forms of success.

Getting (and giving) feedback… Is “feedback” a word that makes you feel uncomfortable? For most of us, it is uncomfortable, although it can also bring you the gold.

We get feedback from what we do and how we communicate every day, not all of it is verbal, however. When we use this feedback to our advantage by listening, absorbing it, and making improvements we adapt to accelerate our positive results.

When we encourage others to give us feedback, we become emotionally stronger. Not all of us are well-practiced in giving it and thus it can cause friction. Choose wisely who and when to ask and learn how to give it better in 2021.

It can be worth telling your trusted people how you like to receive feedback, ask for some little pieces and only when you ask for it. Feedback giving has to be mindful, you don’t want them to come across as negative by giving you too much 😉

Tip 5 – Manage Your Time

Prioritise, not Overwhelm. I have a saying – ‘there is no such thing as overwhelm, only my priorities’. When you get to prioritising those important things in your life and business you will have a much clearer focus and feel in control.

Too many priorities? Remember there are other tools and services that might help, including outsourcing, delegation, and better systems. Which brings us to…

Tip 6 – Connections Are Important

Team, we all know the acronym – ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. Well, we also all know this to be true. Let’s learn to be more collaborative and be flexible but also set boundaries and let others know, for example, our working hours. This is especially important in our 24-hour messaging world. We all need private time to relax.

I always aim to make myself indispensable to my team and to my customers. I believe in my team’s ability to deliver and I am always open and willing to learn from every person I communicate with.

Tip 7 – Braveness and Courage are Required to Create a Successful Environment

Be brave and courageous – sow, show and deliver value whatever your role. Try new things, make improvements, adapt, and grow. Be proud of your excellent service, sell your ideas, sell your service, sell yourself out of this recession. Help people to understand how you serve and help them be a success.

Go the extra mile – use your empathy to be more human, positive, supportive, and engaged. Find yourself and create a personal culture around you that reciprocates these things and more, in turn, you can grow and thrive.

At YES Group, we help you to stay at the top of your game, to sharpen your mindset, and to get support when you need it…

Spread the word around you, you never know who might need to join a tight-knit community like ours!

The year was tough in 2020, but life will get “back to normal” in 2021, and we want you to get the best of this YES Group community to help you get ready.

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Karl Pearsall

YES Group founder

January 8th 2021.

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